The things I do for a Happy Meal!

The day started great – Mam brought me a bacon sarnie in bed! Dad gave me a pep talk, “go and have fun”, “doesn’t matter if you win or not”‘ etc. But all I heard was “blah, blah, blah”. What do you expect? Power Rangers was on!

I wasn’t impressed with the cold, wet and mud at Herrington! Quite frankly I’m more of a track rider, but I thought I’d give it a go! Some of the Velo Pups’ coaches were racing today and I was really looking forward to seeing what a CX event was like. I was hoping there would be a “Mountain of Death” like at training.

It was good to watch the races before mine and I enjoyed shouting for the Velo riders. It was great to see them! We all shouted for the SSVCC riders. We were definitely the noisiest supporters!

Dad took me to sign on while Mam went back to the car to thaw out! I then had a warm up, checking my tyre pressures were right and did my bike safety checks (see I do listen coaches).

Thank you Megan for loaning me your shirt – Dad’s was down to my knees. I was really proud to be wearing the club’s shirt at the start.


We did a warm up lap and then the race started. Me and Zed were in the race. This was my first ever proper cycle race and I was a bit nervous.

I tried really hard during the race. I was covered in cold, wet mud and it was in my eyes. I didn’t like that, but I got to the end. It was great to hear so many people cheering for me, thank you.

At the end of the race, I was cold, wet, muddy, tired, couldn’t see properly and had geet big snot candles dangling. I was a bit overawed by it all, but I loved it!

Thank you Paul Steadman for helping to clean my bike off and letting me have a go of the jet wash. That was mega!

Once I thawed out and had my Happy Meal, I’m really glad I had a go and will be back!

Dad’s outside now jet washing my bike and trainers ? and Mam is busy washing my clothes. Me, I’m off to play on the Play Station while they run after me!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Velo Pups training!

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