Up until tonight my involvement with SSVCC had been the development of the website, logo, emails and some social media. Basically I’m the geeky guy and I thought that was essentially going to be my role. I already knew a few members of the club and had attended a couple of committee meetings. So I was more than happy to help after all that’s what my business Fluid Web Development (shameless plug there) does.

Now I like cycling and have the holy trinity of Road, Hybrid and MTB bikes but I’ve never been what you’d call a great cyclist. In fact I ride with all the grace of a fat, 40 something asthmatic. Because essentially that’s what I am. If I put as much effort into the pedals as I do the pints I might just have earned the Cavendish World Champion Sky top (XXXL) I wear from time to time.

But as the club gathered momentum, both on and off the road more and more members were encouraging me to come out on rides. But a fear of failure kept me at my keyboard and off my trusty CUBE Streamer. However after looking longingly at last week’s photographs as I added them to the Wednesday Trading Loops page I thought I’ll do it. I might as well go out and give it a go. I’ve climbed the hill over Lizard Lane many times in the past, just never twice in a row, never mind three times in a row.

Ask me now though and I am so glad I went out tonight and give it a go.  Riding in a tightly organised, streamlined and fast moving peloton is a thing of beauty and for the 400 meters I was able to hold on it was. But as the group disappeared down the road I pushed on. Wednesday night loops is all about improving on your previous best, we all knew the route and as I pass fellow riders heading back and out again I still felt part of the group. In fact every time I passed one of the 20+ riders I was greeted with nods, thumbs up and shouts of encouragement from every single rider.

There are meant to be three loops but I only rode two otherwise I’d still be out there but I really enjoyed it. Events Manager David Hardy had a puncture but still managed to repair it and catch me up so we cycled the last few miles back together. Thanks for that mate it kept me going. At the end as we all regrouped and chatted, took some picture and gathered all the new membership forms I felt great. Pats on the back, well done big lad, see you next week, etc. They certainly will, I loved it.

Even when I left to cycle home the camaraderie was still in evidence when Martin Thomas our club Secretary, caught up with me and we cycled along the coast in the wind and rain chatting away before we parted company.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s the kind of club where people of all abilities are welcome. It can be daunting if you don’t feel you’ll make the grade but that’s not an issue with our club. I’ll grind away at the gears and keep pushing on.  I’ll be completing all three loops soon. The plan is simple, I’ll reduce my time by reducing my weight.

I hope I’ll see you there soon as well.  You can’t miss me I’m the fat lad at the back, for now..

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