Feb 18

5 members of the Velo race team (VRT) returned from Calpe, Spain after a quality week of endurance training. Based out of the highly recommended AR Hotel Diamanté Beach the team managed in the region of 400 miles and 36000ft of elevation. Snow capped tops and cold descents led to a few of the most painful moments on a bike, but apparently it’s character building qualities are part of the training camp package. We learned a lot from each other and bring this back to further develop with those VRT members who couldn’t make it. So it was decided that the week was to be Christened as #Launchpad for the coming season and the hard work leads to fruition; the signs are there now and keeping momentum is the next phase.

The VRT has had an opportunity to mix with Elite European teams
this week and from now we are going to take this attitude forward and I only wish I could be twenty years younger to really enjoy the platform that this group is going to set out. The Crit scene is still happening back home and I believe a few are riding tomorrow at Croft, good luck lads – leave it out there and build on the last few weeks experiences. For those of us with other halves at home, thanks for letting us get away to train, it’s very much appreciated.

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