Sunday 22nd of July marked the club’s first circuit event at the Hetton Lyon’s Park venue for 3 separate races; Cat 4 mens, E,1,2,3,4 womens and 2,3,4 mens. The park has undergone a lot of work over the past year to keep it as a race venue and todays good weather conditions seen the park packed out, with racers, supporters and local users.

The Cat 4 mens race started the day and was a quick race, with a few more experienced riders pushing the pace on from the off and managing to open a couple of gaps early on, but coming back together the race finished with Daniel Pons of Blaydon CC taking a convincing win after attacking early on the final lap, the rest coming in very close, with seasoned rider Brian Johnson from Reifen Racing taking 2nd and Lester Grant from Auchencrow Thistle picking up 3rd. The race had a good showing from the club, many of whom were debutants in critical racing, well done to Gav Thompson, who was active in the main bunch throughout, Johnny Murray for taking the leap, along with Steve Wheeler, Sean Bell and Gav Burn.

The women’s race was lucky enough to set off in the mid day sun. Karen Wood and Laura Warburton laying down solid performances for their rod debuts. Karen is an accomplished triathlete but new to road racing took 3rd and first 4th cat prize and Laura who’s apparently working out her strengths this year looked strong throughout and finished in 7th.

The Mens 2/3/4 was a busy field and led to an exciting race, early attacks went but not sticking the group, stayed together for most of the race. The short ramp on the back of the course and the following section was a popular place for the action in all races and unfortunately seen a couple of spills in the ladies and the 2/3/4 event. Luckily no major injuries sustained and all riders should make a quick recovery who come down. Reifens Nick Kalson took first prize, John Bowman took a well deserved second after constant pushes of pace on the ramp and Matthew Foster from Blaydon took 3rd spot to complete the podium.

SSVCC had a good complement of racers in the 2/3/4 event but maybe the excitement was too much so missing out on top 10 spots the lads looked strong, David Nearney fresh from his morning TT tried early to get things going early and other riders Graeme Wardale, Graeme Kirton, Matty Sutcliffe and Dave (Basil) Simpson showing their strengths at various points n the race.


Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1. Daniel Pons Blaydon Cycle Club Finished 4th 10
2. Brian Johnson Reifen Racing Finished 4th 8
3. Lester Grant Auchencrow Thistle Finished 3rd 7
4. Nick Weddle Houghton Cycling Club Finished 3rd 6
5. Matthew Williams Muckle Cycle Club Finished 4th 5
6. Rob De’Giovanni Muckle Cycle Club Finished 4th 4
7. Malcolm Gray Reifen Racing Finished 4th 3
8. Graeme Dean Glasgow Green Cycle Club Finished 3rd 2
9. Shaun Wakes Ferryhill Wheelers CC Finished 4th 1
10. Michael Sleeman Durham University Cycling Club Finished 4th 1


Position Name Club name Rider status Category Points
1. Laura Tissiman York Cycleworks Finished 3rd 10
2. Miriam Jessett Boompods EDCO NRG Finished 2nd 8
3. Karen Wood South Shields Velo Cycling Clu… Finished N/A 0
4. Phoebe Brown York Cycleworks Finished 4th 6
5. Sarah Cramoysan Prima Team Racing Finished 3rd 5
6. Michelle Highfield Berwick Wheelers CC Finished 4th 4
7. Laura Warburton South Shields Velo Cycling Clu… Finished N/A 0
8. Nikki Metcalfe Prima Team Racing Finished 2nd 2
9. Tina Howe North Tyneside Riders Finished N/A 0
10. Amy Hugill Finished 4th 1
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