Becoming more and more popular sports massage is starting to take off. Having been contacted at the Velo from various people and companies about posting stuff and using our members for there various businesses, we had to do something.  Not been one to miss up on a good opportunity Luke Adams contacts us first to offer discounted rates for all Velo members.

Brilliant, after a club discussion somebody said why Luke and not somebody else, fair point. Luke suggest I come down and he’ll give me a sports massage for free to see what I think and see his setup, then we can take it from there. So we arrange and date and I head over.

I arrive at his house and go straight into his Massage room and we have a chat about sports massage, am not super clued up on this area so he gives me the run down.

What is sports massage-

The Sports Massage Association defines sports massage as “the application of soft tissue techniques with the aim of managing, manipulating and rehabilitating muscles, tendons and ligaments” – this essentially means all the soft tissue in the musculoskeletal system.


As I’m racing the next day he suggests just a basic muscle loosening, nothing to deep and hard.

So I layed on my front and he starts from my calves and works his way up either side of my legs with expert hands, gently easing the tension I didnt know I had out of them. He’s in constant conversation about what hes doing and we’re giving each other feedback. Turns out my right legs is a lot more knotted and tense then my left. We discuss why this might be and ways to balance them out.

After approx 30-40 mins he’s done, I stand up and feel fine, legs are ok. Having had one after the Great North Run a few years back which actually hurt more then the running I’m rather suprised theres  no heavy feeling in them. He said he found loads of knotted muscles around my inner and outer thigh (probably off to much cycling) and that he could of easily sorted them, would of taken a bit longer and a bit deeper working of them muscles, but it would of left me really heavy for my race.   So I thank Luke and leave.

Next day he messages me asking how I’m feeling. I’m fine legs feel great actually. So I head into my race with a really positive attitude knowing I’m 100% ready to go.

So if anybody else would like a Sports Massage ( at discounted rates ) The Velo Highly Recommends Luke Adams.

You can contact him at         or    07584433294

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