Spring sees the re-introduction of Wednesday night loops.

We currently meet at Westoe Crown Community Hub http://westoe-hub.co.uk with view to start 18:30.

The Hub is open for coffee and other refreshments before and after. All riders welcome for what is a mid week training session. Due to the varied abilities it’s a case of ride it how you like, either group up, or try a solo effort. The good thing is that theres usually someone of a similar ability who you can pair up with.

The route which is a strava segment begins at new crown roundabout heads south along the coast road, turns right up marsden bank, then left up and over lizard lane, left down Kitchener tce and back to start.

Usually done 3x approx 18 mile. 

Open to non-members who want to come down and train with, or try out, meet members etc. If you’re in the area on a Wednesday night, it’s a good mid week session. If you’re new try and get there before 18:30 and introduce yourself.

Although people like to see a good time on the strava segment and it can at times feel like a race it’s on open roads which can get busy, more so on a sunny night. So please let’s try and keep a bit of reputation intact with other road users; ride lawfully and as safe as you can. 

Remember other road users aren’t bothered about your time on strava so if there a bit hesitant on a junction or slow you down in some way that’s life. 

Try and maintain some type of group riding etiquette please. Look after each other and have fun. 

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